The Threshold Society 

… is a new expression of an ancient tradition, The Mevlevi Order, which traces back to Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi. Though rooted within the Qur’anic framework and the inspiration of the Prophet Muhammad, The Threshold Society is open to all people interested in its work, no matter what their religious affiliation. The aim of the Threshold Society in the broadest sense is to provide an education in the universal principles of spiritual realization.

We are a community of seekers committed to a spiritual practice that is traditional, and yet inclusive, creative, and universal. If we could see things in their true perspective, we would realize that there is nothing more important than our spiritual life. Today’s world, however, challenges us with its distractions, fast pace, and economic demands. Without a structure, a matrix of practice, we are in danger of being swept away by a tide of unconsciousness. Our focus is the education of the heart, and we are committed to integrating the wisdom of Sufism into the center of contemporary life.

Soul receives from soul that knowledge, therefore not by book nor from tongue.
If knowledge of mysteries come after emptiness of mind, that is  illumination of heart.